Wednesday, November 11th, 2020
US Election from a New Immigrant’s Perspective
November 11th, 2020 at 10:55 am
US Election from a New Immigrant’s Perspective

The news media is jubilant and the immigrant community, in general, is overjoyed by the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris victory. I am a new Texan and Texas gave their mandate for the Red wave.

Most people I talked with on a day to day basis are Republicans and they are not happy with the result. In the US, showing up in person to cast one’s ballot on Election Day has always been the standard way of exercising that fundamental right.

Mail-in ballots were used during wartime scenarios. As many compared the current pandemic situation with war and pushed for the mail-in ballot.

As far as I am concerned, I believe in walk-in voting where proper checks and balances are recorded. If the situation was so warlike, people would have stayed at home – not partying or marching on the streets.

Bringing up any doubt whether those millions of mail-in ballots could be a forgery is a big no-no – it is like treason, questioning the US democratic and electoral system. No country can claim their system does not encounter corruption. I am a New Zealand Citizen and even the world’s most non-corrupt system had many questions about the most sought-after persons of interest by the FBI taking refuge in New Zealand and they are being given New Zealand Citizenship overnight to avoid extradition!

Let me get back to my point – this election was won on the back of mail-in ballot or absentee ballots. If I was even running for the Presidency – I would have questioned this situation.

The next 72 days will be interesting as President Trump still in power and going for a legal battle. I am in fact baffled by the fact that how the media could create “chaos and changed sides” based on their hidden agenda.

In the last election, Twitter and Facebook provided all the support to Trump but this time they have imposed censorship based on their own algorithm. The news media has always been against him as they were obsessed with him and he called them fake news.

But when the media is saying it’s a convincing victory for Democrats – it is so wrong – both the presidential candidates have received almost the same (approximately 5 Million difference).

It clearly shows half of America is with Trump. While I feel we are so controlled by media and media became addicted to how he talks, gels his hair, and walks ignoring the fact that during the Trump presidency there was hardly any news of the US Army being a global army. Nor the military families had to worry about their kids being posted to some Jihadi state.

If you ask me why Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas.. Alabama all voted for Trump because most of the US military personnel are from these states. Trump, through his “Make America Great Again” stopped the outsourcing of work which almost made thousands of Americans at Walt Disney, Texaco, and many other major companies redundant.

Most of my American colleagues openly praised him for controlling the H1B visa and shutting down the Visa Lottery system which never helped America in any way. Law and order have improved during his time. The media will never emphasize these as they influence our justification.

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will need to deliver better and that will be the challenge.

Biden has already had corruption allegations against him and his son for accepting 3.5 Million Dollars from Chinese business. As an American, I would accept the professional opportunities I got during President Trump to continue along with the tax benefits for the hard-working individuals and the companies.

I would like to see how the new Government ensures peace and stability without sending our troops abroad nor instigating any terrorist activities.

I have never been involved in politics, rather I observe and get feedback from both sides. I draw my conclusion from my own experience.



Naweed Qadir is a system analyst and former lead vocalist of his band “Echoes.”