Two more arrested in connection with Mitu murder
June 28th, 2016 at 1:07 pm
Two more arrested in connection with Mitu murder

Dhaka – Investigators have arrested two more people in suspicion of killing the wife of a counter-terrorism officer in the port city of Chittagong, police said on Tuesday.

The law men captured Ehteshamul Haq Bhola and Monir Hossain, the suspects, at Baklia area of the city, additional commissioner of police in Chittagong told reporters.

The officers also seized two firearms – a revolver and a pistol – and six bullets from the possession of Monir Hossain, who was arrested based on confession by Bhola, the officer said.

Police believe that the arms were used in the killing mission that the suspects allegedly accomplished earlier this month.

Unidentified assailants chopped and shot dead Mahmuda Ahkter Mitu, 32, the wife of police officer Babul Akhter, at GEC crossing in Chittagong on June 5 when she was on her way to drop her son to a school bus.

Police had initially suspected that home-grown Islamists militants might have carried out the attacks on Mitu and launched investigation keeping it into priority.

But police on Friday picked up Babul Akhter from his father-in-law’s home and interrogated for more than 15 hours over the murder. He was later sent back to his father-in-law’s home in Dhaka’s Meradia area.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that Babul was picked up to cross examine whether he knows the suspects police have arrested so far in connection with the murder.

The investigators on Sunday, a day after Babul was interrogated, arrested two other suspects. They are Motaleb Mia Wasim and Anwar Hossain. They have reportedly confessed to their involvement in the murder.

Chittagong city police commissioner Iqbal Bahar quoting investigators said that at least seven persons were involved in the murder. Anwar and Wasim were among them, he told reporters in Chittagong.