Trump, US polls and media
November 6th, 2020 at 8:23 pm
Trump, US polls and media

What an election in the United States, which drew the whole world’s attention more than ever, but for all the wrong reasons. The reason is President Donald Trump.

Before the election, we questioned what to unlearn this time from the US polls and we were not absolutely correct in asking such a question.

Watching American TV channels, it is clear the media is looking forward to bid Trump goodbye and welcome Joe Biden.

Television anchors have been very critical about trump’s pre-polls and current activities which they said possibly took away his sure votes to the Biden camp. Thus the tally until Friday stood Biden 264 which is six electorate votes away to the winning number of 270, compared to Trump’s 215.

Yet, the close fight indicates that the country which boasts of its democracy has been deeply divided by Trump and Biden pulled more votes by promising to be the president of even those who opposed him.

A rough and “liar” Trump has been widely criticised by the media of his own country, including false claims about electoral fraud which they said was unprecedented in that country.

“He will not concede and tweet baseless comments on the elections. A very disgraceful act for a American president,” one commentator said in one of the American channels mentioning graceful exits by others, including former President Richard Nixon.

They appeared to be rejoicing whenever Biden counted more electoral votes to win the polls and becomes the next president of the United States.

They also felt Trump has belittled the electoral process and hurt the country’s image.

“People still have confidence on those institutions responsible for holding national elections and thus the largest ever turn up in long queues and early votes by mail,” said one.

Police chased away pro-Trump hooligans or white extremists from attacking a vote counting centre, never seen in a country which boasts of its democratic practices.

In Bangladesh, TV commentators said the current election has taken away America’s self-proclaimed right to comment on elections in other countries, including those in this South Asian country.

A Biden win is more popular in Bangladesh as Democrats had always enjoyed good ties with Dhaka and had played a leading role during Bangladesh’s 1971 Independence War.

“The election has revealed, far more intensely than ever before, that the US is an ideologically divided country, and dangerously so. The danger is that the division is not on policies but on principles and ideals that this country should stand for. A division that sees the world so differently that it is bound to impact, and in fact dismantle, the world order that has sustained so far,” wrote Mahfuz Anam, the editor of the country’s top English-language newspaper, the Daily Star.

“It is now clear that we don't know and understand this new US that may be emerging, a US that does not want to know and understand the world but is totally enwrapped in its own vainglory.”

Speaking on Trump, he said the American President “was a one-man demolition squad for many American institutions and did everything to create doubt in the vaunted US election process by presenting it as full of fraud.”

A Biden win appears to be almost certain, yet there is a slim worrying chance for Trump’s re-election.

Possibly by Saturday, four days after the voting took place, the world will know has Biden ousted the crazy Trump from the White House amid please in court by supporters of the incumbent president, two of which have already been thrown out by courts.

If nothing more surely the world wants a saner and polite US president.