The Trial of Bush & Blair
July 12th, 2016 at 12:13 pm
The Trial of Bush & Blair

By Maskwaith Ahsan: 

The wave of IS destruction is a fallout of US-UK-led Iraq war, there’s little doubt in that. The then US president George W. Bush and British prime minister Tony Blair attacked Iraq using falsified information that Saddam Hussein had weapon of mass destruction(WMD) that could be a threat for the world.

Weeks before the attack Saddam Hussein invited UN nuclear regulation authority (IAEA) to inspect Iraqi facilities for any such WMD. But the Bush-Blair duo was adamant to attack Iraq to get their hands on her natural resources; Saddam had repeatedly refused to dish out any contract to US-UK oil companies.

So the duo had to make sure that Saddam would be ousted from power after which they could install a puppet government to the liking of big oil companies.

A recent investigation in the UK found Blair guilty of attacking Iraq without provocation and substantial reason.

As the US continues to live in its cocoon of denial, Bush prospers without regret. It can no longer be ignored that both Bush and Blair are responsible for the destruction of Iraq, by extension the destabilization of the entire Middle East and the wave after wave of genocide in the region.

The world at this stage cannot afford to let them go free without holding them accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Without justice to the Iraqi people who lost their prosperous country and tens of thousands of fellow countrymen, the ongoing unrest around the globe cannot be stopped.

If Bush and Blair go unpunished terrorists around the world will keep on committing genocides with impunity. And if a crime of such depravity goes unpunished, any hope of justice and peace evaporates.

Bangladeshi writer

Maskwaith Ahsan is an expatriated journalist and writer