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Suspected bomber killed in explosion at Dhaka security camp
March 17th, 2017 at 3:01 pm
Suspected bomber killed in explosion at Dhaka security camp

Dhaka – A suspected bomber was reportedly killed in an explosion at a security outpost in Dhaka’s Ashkona neighbourhood on Friday, police said.

The bomb went off soon after a man entered the compound of a makeshift camp of the crime-busting Rapid Action Battalion leaving the man dead on the scene. The identity of the person could not be determined immediately.

Two members of the battalion sustained injuries slightly, battalion spokesman Mufti Mahmud Khan told reporters.

The suspected bomber climbed over the fence of battalion compound, a proposed site where the headquarters of the elite force will be constructed. The compound is mostly empty with a small camp on one side.

A police officer at nearby Dhaka Airport Police Station confirmed that there was an explosion near.

Television footage show that several hundred people gathered in the area where the explosion occurred.  The entire crime scene was kept cordoned off. Senior officers of the police and the battalion reached the scene.

The incident of explosion occurred a day after the security forces busted a suspected militant hideout in southeastern Chittagong district where four Islamists were killed during the raid Thursday.