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Students’ demo over job quota cripples Bangladesh
April 11th, 2018 at 5:59 pm
Students’ demo over job quota cripples Bangladesh

Dhaka – Tens of thousands of students demonstrated across Bangladesh on Wednesday to demand scrapping of the existing ‘discriminatory’ job quotas in the public services.

The students of major universities both in public and private sectors blocked roads and highways outside Dhaka and busy streets in the capital to press home their demands.

They have been holding demonstrations for the fourth consecutive days as they say 56 per cent of the public jobs are reserved for certain groups of people while the rest remained competitive for the others based on merit.

The students irrespective of their political affiliations demanded the positions in the public jobs will be filled based on merit through competitive exams.

In Dhaka and elsewhere, students left their classrooms and joined the demonstrations virtually crippling normal life in different parts of the country.

They chanted slogans “No Disparity in Bangla”, “No more quota”, “Joy Bangla” etc. and put barricades and staged sit-in on the roads and highways in Barisal, Sylhet, Savar.

The students said they will not stop the demonstration until or unless the government comes up with a clear decision on it.

University teachers also supported the demands of the students.