Stop abuse of students in madrassas
September 29th, 2020 at 2:49 pm
Stop abuse of students in madrassas

by Hasan Tamim in Vienna, Austria;-

The abuse, physical or sexual, is reported randomly in the Bangladeshi media in the madrasas which is unacceptable.

As per the reports, the number of such cases decreased, but still many young ones are hospitalized either after being canned or sodomised despite government ban on such malpractices.

Torture of students in madrassas is nothing short of acts of extreme cruelty. We have video on social site how a teacher beat up a young boy just for joining a football match.

Some madrassa teachers are raping and even killing students as we find in news reports, but there is no follow up and the crime goes on unabated.

But why? Possibly, due to the ancient teaching system, which is completely isolated from rest of the world.  With no science subject in madassas makes the situation even worse.

The teacher sits comfortably in the mattress or lies down and the students sit on the floor reading religious texts. Many teachers use students to carry out their personal chores and cane them same pupil for a small offence or what he feels is offensive to him.

Is it sane to beat up these young students in this manner? Will he be a good scholar or quit the place of learning his religion?

Is there any provision of educational entertainment in madrasa? No, because it will actually shut down the business of some of our dark-skinned religious businessmen.

Why students are not given science education? The state of science exists in every aspect of our lives but these madrassa students are kept away from science.

Thus most madrassa students will graduate from these religious schools believing in superstitions, and when they become preachers and propagate religious extremism to the masses it becomes dangerous for the state.

A good example of superstition is the preaching in Waz Mahfil that COVID-19 will not touch us or coronavirus is not for Muslims. It is these religious scholars who are imparting such superstitious teachings in madrassas.

Some are reportedly sexually harassing women or children under the guise of mentors. There are many Nusrat’s in Bangladesh but they keep mum. There are many Nusrat’s who are sexually abused and killed by characterless religious hypocrites.

With my today’s post, many may spend abusive words on me. Many will argue that women are abused even in general educational institutions.

But why I am talking about madrasas? It is because if we try to find out how many students in general schools have been abused by teachers? How many students are thrown on the floor and beaten with a cane?

There were some wayward educational institutions, but they have been brought to justice, but madrasa education is still steeped in ancient superstitions, so students are sexually abused.

For this reason, some fake scholars have made baseless remarks about Coronavirus in public and insulted people of other religious faiths. One scholar calls another scholar a butcher or a non-believer. Not only that, but they also clash over the power of the madrasa. The only reason is to keep the students away from the current state of the world.

But to be honest, I have seen many good scholars who try to present science and contemporary issues by reasoning. They never criticize other religion or make negative comments about other scholars.

The government should make more changes in madrasa education and increase monitoring to ensure better education for the students of such religion-based schools. The government must bring to justice teachers who torture or abuse the students in madrasas.

Hasan Tamim is a freelance writer based in Vienna