Stairs of Mohammad Hanif flyover must be removed
July 10th, 2017 at 2:50 pm
Stairs of Mohammad Hanif flyover must be removed

Dhaka – It looks terrible when buses halt on the flyover to allow their passengers to get down forcing other vehicles plying through the overpass to stop on.

The scene is common every day on Dhaka’s one of the largest overpasses, Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover, that allows commuters to get in and out from Dhaka on two directions – eastern and southern districts of the country.

The 11.7-kilometer long flyover was opened to traffic in late 2013 with an aim to ease the nagging traffic congestion in Dhaka, one of the most densely-populated capital cities in the world.

But, a number of stairs were added illegally to the flyover that allows pedestrians to climb up to catch buses for their convenience. The matter was brought to the notice of the High Court that passed an order asking the authorities in May this year to explain why they should not be directed to remove those stairs from the flyover.

On June 9, the Supreme Court suspended the High Court order of removal of the stairs for the time being.

The apex court on Monday, however, upheld the High Court order asking the authorities concerned to remove illegal stairs at different points of the Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover.

A three-member bench of the Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha dismissed an appeal filed by Orion Infrastructure Limited, which constructed the bridge, challenging the High Court order.

Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover

The elevated flyover has four-lane divided carriageway, starting at Palashi near Gulistan junction and ending at Kutubkhali.

There are four Entry and Exit Ramps at major junctions for smooth inflow and outflow of traffic.

There are seven toll Plazas, having 31 Toll Lanes in total.

Toll payment can be made by cash or prepaid smart card or Non Stop E-Tags (installed on Windscreen of Vehicle).

Each and every vehicle crossing the toll plazas is issued with toll receipt having all payment details.

More than 200 Poles and LED lighting Fixtures used for illuminating the flyover. LED lighting used to keep power consumption to minimum.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina opened the flyover on October 11, 2013. She has laid the foundation stone of the bridge June 22, 2010. The project’s estimated cost was Tk 21.08 billion.

Constructed on a Public Private Partnership basis, the flyover connects main roads and bus terminals.