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Spelling correction for five Bangladeshi districts
April 2nd, 2018 at 10:59 pm
Spelling correction for five Bangladeshi districts

Dhaka – Bangladesh has ‘corrected’ English spellings for five of its major administrative districts in congruity with Bangla pronunciation of their names to replace the British era spelling pattern.

National Implementation Committee for Administrative Reform (NICAR) at a meeting headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday approved the new spelling of Chittagong, Comilla, Barisal, Jessore and Bogra.

The new spelling will come immediately into effect.

The south-eastern port city of Chittagong will be spelled as Chattogram, heritage-rich central Comilla as Cumilla, southern Barisal as Barishal, south-western Jessore as Jashore and the northern district of Bogra as Bogura, according to a NICAR decision.

N M Ziaul Alam, the government spokesman, disclosed the decisions of the NICAR at a news briefing in Dhaka. He said the inconsistencies, if any, in spelling of other districts will be made proper gradually.

The meeting also approved a proposal to turn north-eastern Mymensingh municipality into a city corporation as a unit of local government division.

The Mymensingh City Corporation, to be stretched over 91.315 square kilometres, with a population size of 471,858 is the 12th city in Bangladesh, according to official statistics.