South Asian Casino of Blame-game
August 20th, 2016 at 10:55 pm
South Asian Casino of Blame-game

By Maskwaith Ahsan;

By no social, economic or political indicator is any major South Asian country better than the other. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are all play grounds of cannibal politics, with rulers in all three violating human rights on regular intervals.

If the establishments of all these three countries look hard enough at themselves in the mirror, they will see that none has the face to point fingers at the other two.

Pakistan is responsible for the uprooting of minorities, has a sketchy human rights record in Baluchistan and is answerable for the 1971 genocide in the then East Pakistan, yet Pakistan continues to raise the issue of human rights abuses in Indian administered Kashmir.

India is committing war crimes in Kashmir, has killed and crushed separatist Sikhs and Naxalites and the elected premiere has the blood of Gujarat Muslims on his hands.

Yet India has no qualms about criticizing Pakistan. Bangladesh too has uprooted minorities, continues ethnic cleansing in Chittagong Hill Tracts and violates human rights everyday by denying justice of the suffering masses.

Yet Bangladesh misses no opportunity at finger-pointing towards both Pakistan and India particularly on Baluchistan and Kashmir.

All three are some of the most unethical, irrational and brutal nations in the world. They live in denial, nurture primitive socio-political cultures, promote corruption and deprive others of justice.

Every conscious citizen of these three nations should realize by now that their rulers continue to highlight the fault of other rulers only to hide their own crimes.

The only reason for such diversion tactics is to keep people busy in unnecessary conspiracy theories, gossips and hate-speech so that they don’t question the nefarious activities of their own governments.

And thus far these tactics have worked so well that our rulers and their past and future generations continue to loot, plunder and kill dreams with impunity.

However, in this age of free flowing information governments have started to feel the pinch of scrutiny. With the technology to access information getting cheaper and more accessible by the day, it’s becoming difficult for the ruling neo-elite to keep up the pretense of governance.

Information technology has also started to undo attempts by our rulers to keep people backward and uneducated. The worst of the lot are those who trade in hate, bigotry and religious extremism and expand their business by consuming humans. For both, times are changing and so are the rules. The casino of blame-game will have to change too.