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Solvent sons allegedly abandon ailing mother to become beggar
September 22nd, 2017 at 5:02 pm
Solvent sons allegedly abandon ailing mother to become beggar

Dhaka – Police have launched an investigation into reports that negligence of solvent sons had led to an ailing mother to become a destitute in southern Bangladeshi district of Barisal.

A philanthropist and local politician took Manwara Begum, 82, to a hospital after media reports say that the women were begging from door to door despite she has three sons serving in police department.

Shafiqul Islam, Deputy Inspector General of Police of Barisal, who visited the ailing woman at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital called in all her five sons, youngest one being a auto-rickshaw puller and other runs a tea stall, and a daughter.

The daughter, a teacher at a school, told police that her youngest brother portrayed the mother as a beggar as he had dispute over land with three other brothers.

The elder sons told police that they had looked after her within their capacity. The youngest one had done all these including bringing it to the media to grab family property.

The youngest son said he was not capable of taking care of his mother as he was too poor.

Barisal police, which formed a three–member committee to investigate the allegations, has taken charges of Begum, who was widowed in 2014, to feed and treat her.

“If the allegations of negligence are proved, the sons will be punished as per law,” said Islam.