Shiites remember the tragic death of Imam Hossain in Karbala
October 12th, 2016 at 9:16 pm
Shiites remember the tragic death of Imam Hossain in Karbala

Dhaka – Several thousand Shiite Muslims paraded city streets Wednesday to remember the tragic death of Imam Hussain, a grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

The followers expressed their grief by flagellating themselves on the back with chains, beating their heads to feel the sufferings that Imam Hossain had experienced in the battle ground of Karbala nearly 2000 years ago.

The main procession styled Tazia procession began at the Imam Bara at Hosenee Dalan in the old part of Dhaka amid tight security keeping in mind a terrorist attack on the procession that left two people killed last year.

Several processions were brought out from the city’s different areas including Mirpur, Mohammadpur and Purana Paltan.

The day is being observed on the 10th of Muharram in the Arabic calendar. Muhammad’s grandson was killed on 61 of the Hijri calendar.

The day is a public holiday in Bangladesh as the Muslims observe the day with religious fervor.

In the historic battle, Imam Hussain along with his 72 followers was killed by the soldiers of Yazid at Karbala while fighting for establishing truth and justice in the society.

President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in separate messages on this occasion urged the people to walk on the path of the truth defeating the evil forces.

Other programmes of the day included Quran Khwani, prayer session, fasting and feeding of the destitute.

In all main cities including Chittagong, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi and Sylhet, the Shia Muslims brought out similar processions and paraded main streets chanting “Hai Hussain, Hai Hossain.”

Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Betar and private TV channels and radio stations aired special programmes.