Series bombing kills 42 people in Yemen
June 28th, 2016 at 6:22 pm
Series bombing kills 42 people in Yemen

International Desk – A series of suicide bomb attacks killed at least 42 Yemeni troops and score others injured in the South-eastern Yemeni city of Mukalla, according to Media reports.

The city was stronghold of al-Qaeda recently taken over by the government troops backed by Saudi-led coalition group.

The al-Qaeda fighters, after being vulnerable in the city, took to the mountainous area to retaliate against the government forces.

Ahmed Saeed bin Breyk, the governor of the province said, “Mukalla witnessed five suicide attacks in four areas.”

The coastal city shaken before the Monday sunset at least thrice just in the time when the troops were breaking their vest, an official said.

The first bomber asked security personnel whether he can break his vest with them or not before blowing himself, the official said.

Two other bombers approached soldiers on foot elsewhere in the city before detonating their explosives.

Shortly afterwards, two suicide bombers launched a fourth attack and blew themselves up at the entrance of an army camp, the official said.

All the attacks killed 42 along with one woman and Child and wounded 25 other people, said health chief Riad-al-Jalil.

Last Month, the US deployed forces around the city of Mukalla to back up the pro-government force.

Al-Qaeda and IS (Islamic State) in the Arabian Peninsula took many place to carry on their atrocities for establishing Islamic Laws.

In May, a suicide bombing claimed by IS and a second blast killed 47 police in Mukalla – a city of 200,000 people.