Sanctions on RAB to be lifted soon, says Home Minister
January 16th, 2023 at 6:35 pm
Sanctions on RAB to be lifted soon, says Home Minister

by Staff Correspondent, Dhaka;

The US sanctions on Bangladesh’s crime-busting Rapid Action Battalion will be lifted soon, a senior minister said on Monday referring to positive remarks by a senior US official in a meeting with him.

“I have discussed some issues with the US Assistant Secretary Donald Lu with cordial atmosphere and informed him about dealing of terrorism, militancy and Islamic extremism,” Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told reporters.

The minister’s statement came a day after his meeting on Sunday with Donald Lu, the US Assistant Secretary of State for the South and Central Asia. Lu visited Bangladesh for two days and left Dhaka for Washington on Sunday.

The minister said Donald Lu appreciated Bangladesh and its law enforcement agencies for its activities.

The US official assured Bangladesh that the sanctions on battalion will be lifted soon through a process, he said referring to the meeting, in which Donald Lu assured that American support will be continued for development of Bangladesh as the country was moving forward for development.

The US wants better improvement of human rights in Bangladesh, Khan said.

He added: “We have discussed arson attacks, violence and militancy. They want fair elections in this country. None should engage for violence.”

The US delegation appreciated the way Bangladesh is moving saying it was in the right direction, Kamal said adding that the Bangladesh’s efforts in combating militancy, terrorism, arson attacks and radicalism are appreciated by the US government.

The minister also informed the US official that the next national election, slated for 2024 holding, will be conducted as per the constitutional provision under the Election Commission.

Kamal said that the US does not like vandalism, arson attacks and occupying of the roads in the name of political gatherings.

Every political party is doing their programmes and the government never create obstacle.

But if any party creates barriers on the streets, damage property, set them to fire and took lives in the name of political movement, then the law enforcers will take action, the minister said.