Rain-triggered floods displace thousands in Rangpur
September 29th, 2020 at 1:19 pm
Rain-triggered floods displace thousands in Rangpur

by Zakir Hossain in  Rangpur

Floods triggered by record heavy rain 100 years have displaced thousands of people living in the low-laying areas in the northern city of Rangpur, official said.

The flood victims have been sheltered in schools and other government establishment as most part of the city inundated by a record downpour on Sunday. Water logging for the last three days made the situation worse for the city dwellers. Mobile phone networks were also disrupted due to the long power cut.

Shyama Shunduri and Ghagot canals of the city have been overflowed and other drains clogged causing the slow drainage of water from the city.

Many of the areas of the city still remained underwater on the third day on Tuesday. Nearly 50,000 people who were especially vulnerable took shelter in different educational institutes of the city. Many others went to their relatives’ houses.

The district administration and Rangpur City Corporation had started distributing dry food among the vulnerable groups.

Deputy Commissioner Asib Ahsan said the administration distributed dry food among three hundred families. The food support will be continued until the situation improves, he said.

Panel Mayor, Rangpur City Corporation, Mahamudur Rahamn Titu said, the city area is around two hundred squire kilometers.  About fifty thousand vulnerable people took shelter in different educational institutes of the city as their houses went underwater. He demanded immediate food support for the victim people.

Mahamudun Nabi Babul who was the chairman of Alamnagar Station Road Government Primary School Committee said, he arranged food aid with the assistance among two hundred victims.

Abdur Rahman, a day labour, at Mandolpara of the city said, he along with his family took shelter in a Primary School as his house went underwater. He has been suffering from food shortages and money.  

Rawsan Jahan, a non-government High School teacher who was the resident of Kerani Para of the city said, she had to rent a house despite of her scarcity for relocation as her house still remained underwater.

Rangpur City Corporation Mayor, Mostafizur Rhaman said, we distributed 20 tons of rice among the vulnerable people. The support will be continued. We instructed all the ward councilors to take care of the vulnerable people.