Qatar World Cup: Bangladesh’s court wants list of dead, injured migrant workers
January 30th, 2023 at 7:07 pm
Qatar World Cup: Bangladesh’s court wants list of dead, injured migrant workers

by Staff Correspondent,

Dhaka – Bangladeshi High Court has asked the authorities to prepare a list of migrant workers who died or wounded in Qatar during construction of FIFA World Cup 2022 venues and hotels in the Gulf country.

The High Court bench of Justice Farah Mahbub and Justice Ahmed Sohel issued the order on Monday and rule in response to a petition filed by Supreme Court lawyer Masood R Sobhan seeking compensation for those families who lost their dear ones in the construction sites.

Many Bangladeshi migrant workers were reportedly died in the construction sites due to poor workplace safety in Qatar, the petitioner claimed.

The court asked the ministries of foreign affairs and expatriates’ welfare and oversees employment to prepare the list including the names of Bangladeshi migrant workers who were involved in constitution works in Qatar and to submit the list before this court.

The court also issued a rule asking the authorities to explain in four weeks why they should not be directed to give adequate compensation to the families of Bangladeshi migrant workers fell victims to poor conditions.

The petitioner filed the writ in December saying that at least 450 Bangladeshi migrant workers died while constructing hotels and stadiums in Qatar between 2010 and 2022 in preparation for the World Cup.

Qatar was internationally criticized for inhuman treatment to the migrant workers who were engaged in constructing hotels and stadiums where the FIFA games were took place.