Politics of tactical maneuvering
September 6th, 2020 at 5:29 pm
Politics of tactical maneuvering

by Omer Selim Sher in Ottawa

The Awami League government is constantly being criticized by some people. None of them are illiterate, they are all literate and they have an extraordinary ability to read and tell lies. They also understand the success of the government but do not want to prove their incompetence by telling the truth.

Many ask “What has Sheikh Hasina done for the country”? The measure of a country’s development is its economic growth and the barometer controls the country’s GDP! Bangladesh’s GDP now stands at 7.5 percent, while neighboring India’s GDP is down by 23 percent.

The visible appearance of a modern country is the communication system and infrastructure of that country. The present government has not only building the Padma Bridge, but also the Bhola Bridge. The Bhola Bridge will be the longest bridge in the country. Bhola Island will be connected with Barisal. Barisal is connected to the Padma Bridge.

By these 19 districts of southern parts will be connected for inter-district domestic trade.

Tunnels have already been built under the Karnaphuli river. Northern parts of the country is being connected by the Jamuna Bridge. There has been unimaginable development in road communication in the country.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

The present government has ensured the development and supply of electricity. The country’s production has not stopped even for a day due to electricity. Exports have been encouraged and exports have increased to record levels. As a result, national revenue has been generated unimaginably.

Despite the global corona outbreak and prolonged floods, the country’s reserves have reached 38 billion. The global recession did not weaken Bangladesh’s economy. To ensure the success of the country, the government has to be patriotic and confident. Sheikh Hasina’s government has given that proof of that success.

To measure the good performance of the government, it is often required to compare the performance with the past government. The previous government of BNP was offered free internet cable but failed to get it due to their corruption and incompetency. The present government has bought that facility to bring it in line with the world. Now Bangabandhu Satellite is providing that facility to foreign countries as well.

A computer company from Switzerland offered to invest in the government of Bangladesh during the BNP regime.  But the name of the company was “Tulip”, the previous Prime Minister rejected it just for the name. Tulip is the name of Bangabandhu’s granddaughter. Many who believe in propaganda now criticize the government, questioning “what the government has done for us”.

Bangladesh mega project
Padma Bridge

They think that no one needs to do anything to make the country better. The government will come and feed them. Perhaps they don’t know that there are beggars in Saudi Arabia, people sleep in the streets in America. Being poor does not mean the country is poor. He is poor because he does not want to work. There are people to complain even in developed countries, we have to see who is making the complaint! No country is poor, the failure of the government of the country makes the country poor. The government must be patriotic and make decisions considering its importance. Which is the first is also a matter of thought and merit.

The present government has rightly given priority to power generation after assuming office. Although production would not have been possible without electricity, there has been a lot of criticism of this power project. Due to ignorance and incompetence, the previous government bought the pole, now the power plant is operational. Electricity has also gone out in remote areas of the country.

No matter how much you criticize Sheikh Hasina, She has changed the country. No one calls Bangladesh a champion of corruption anymore, now world leaders give the example of Bangladesh with the title of model state of development. Sheikh Hasina is now being respected in the world assembly for her leadership. I know that the praise of the world leaders is infuriating the educated people of Bangladesh, they do not have the courage to tell the truth.

Provoking the people by lying through political tactics is a crime. This tactic is also anti-political and lying is legally punishable. There are evidence leaders are the ones who are harmed by the false tactics of politics.  Continue propaganda as much as possible against Awami League Government, Sheikh Hasina will get the benefit. It is fact that the truth is never suppressed.

Omer Sher is a retired Professor of Economics at Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada and a researcher on politics in South Asia.