Passengers traveling from Europe go for two-week quarantine in Bangladesh
March 31st, 2021 at 3:50 pm
Passengers traveling from Europe go for two-week quarantine in Bangladesh

by Staff Correspondent in Dhaka ;

The authorities have started sending air passengers traveling to Dhaka from Europe to a mandatory two-week quarantine to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus in Bangladesh, officials said.

Twenty-three passengers originated from countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom were sent for the 14-day quarantine on Wednesday as the new health measure came into force.

They will stay either at the government facilities or hotels approved by the government during the quarantine period.

Bangladesh witnessed a surged in the Covid-19 spike in March with at least 45 deaths and more than 5,000 fresh infections in each of the last couple of days prompting the authorities to go for new measures to prevent the virus’ spread.

The Civil Aviation Authorities of Bangladesh began the passengers’ screening at the midnight.

Until Wednesday afternoon, the health officials at Dhaka airport sent 16 passengers returned from the UK to the quarantine. Seven others travelled from different EU countries, said a health desk official at the airport.

They will be released only after they are tested negative for the Covid-19 once their quarantine is completed at the public facilities.

Passengers originated from other countries are asked to remain at their homes for at least 14 days, and get their Covid-19 test once the isolation period is over, according to the CAAB.  

All passengers coming to Bangladesh must carry and show PCR based Covid-19 negative certificate during departure from origin and on arrival at the airport, the authorities said.