Panic spread after lawmen cordon off Gulshan building
September 6th, 2016 at 12:40 pm
Panic spread after lawmen cordon off Gulshan building

Dhaka – Panic spread through the crowd after police cordoned off a building in Dhaka’s Gulshan area in the morning suspecting that a group of masked-men enter into it.

The nervousness ended at around noontime, more than three hours after the lawmen poured into the scene at Gulshan section 1, as an officer said that a suspected thief managed to slip through before the police arrived.

The busy-morning raid, which came on information that a group of masked-men entered the building that house an electronic gazette showroom, a bank and a few homes near the Udya Tower, caused heavy tailback in the area.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Rafiqul Islam said that police were pursuing a thief who managed to escape before the cops could get there.

Several thousand people crowded around the police cordon suspecting that there might be yet another anti-terrorist campaign like that of the July 1 on Holey Artisan Bakery where the Islamist terrorists holed up overnight and killed 20 civilians, mostly foreign nationals.

It was informed in the morning that three suspicious persons carrying bags entered the building that prompted the law enforcement to rush to the scene immediately.

The search operation was ended at 12 noon.