One Student & Dhaka University
December 27th, 2020 at 6:34 pm
One Student & Dhaka University

by Rudro Saiful in Dhaka


Those who have passed through the Dhaka University over the past decades have shared moments of pride and also of embarrassment over certain incidents. Now all the alumni can feel assured that steps taken by one student is making us proud. He is Zulias Cizar Talukdar.


As a student of the University of Dhaka he has always been involved in social work and intellectual practices. From his childhood, he was engaged with several organizations which made him an organizer. These organizational skills and habit of working for mass have taken him to work for his community people in crisis. Covid-19 has created a global crisis, and people of Bangladesh suffered a lot during the lockdown.


Like the previous time, Cizar planned to work for his community people and first of all; he chose his University Hall resident. As he is a resident student of Salimullah Muslim Hall as well as the elected General Secretary (GS) of Hall Union, he had a project ‘One Senior for One Junior’. This project aimed to help the insolvent students taking help from the ex-students of that hall. The idea is ‘one senior will help one junior’. In this way, he was able to help 66 current students before Eid-Ul- Adha. The amount of fund each student received ranges 1500 to 3000 BDT.


A few days later, he observed that a lot of DU students are suffering from any causes. Attacks, fictions are causing severe harms to them. One ex-student of Department of Law was killed in Tangail on 19 June 2020. Then he planned to organize DU students to stop offence against DU students and to confirm the justice. To execute this idea, he established an organization ‘Dhaka University Nirapatta Moncha’. It advocates for survivors or victims. A good number of DU students are established in every area of the country and abroad who can help another current or ex-student.

In that way, Dhaka University Nirapatta Moncha helped 132 persons directly and rescued more than 40 students from suicide attempts. Its Facebook group is also a useful forum to suggest and get suggested. This organization provides all case updates on its Facebook page.

Now Zulias Cizar Talukdar and his Dhaka University Nirapatta Moncha became the safeguard for all current students. This platform is the only bridge-building organization between former and current students in DU campus.