New project of DBN and JCI Dhaka West to build career in digital for youth
August 7th, 2022 at 1:29 am
New project of DBN and JCI Dhaka West to build career in digital for youth

With a vision of spreading the knowledge of digital careers globally and to encourage youth in Bangladesh to build a career in the digital industry through education, Digital Business Network (DBN) & JCI Dhaka West shake the hands together and launched a new project called “Digital Career Bootcamp.”

The official launch of this project has been taken place last Friday (05 August) evening at a renowned hotel in the capital Dhaka city.

In presence of E-Cab Director Ilmul Haque Sajib, JCI Bangladesh General Legal Council Imran Kadir, JCI Dhaka West President Md. Altamis Nabil, Digital Business Network Founder S M Belal Uddin, Project Lead Samira Saif Joarder and many others, the project has been launched successfully.

The main goal of this Bootcamp is to educate young people about the enormous opportunities that digital businesses offer around the globe and to help them develop the professional skills they need to pursue professions in the digital space. The duration of this bootcamp is four long months and the structure of bootcamp is designed exclusively to empower the youth of our country in the digital world. The registration can be done using this link:

The bootcamp will have more than 40 webinars on different relevant topics like dropshipping, print on demand, SEO, SMM, etc, more than 10 roadshows, a grand gala event. The different activities of this project will be attended by industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and several top class trainers. The project aims to have 100,000 trainee at the end.

Noteworthy, Junior Chamber International (JCI) is an organization of enterprising youth between the ages of 18 and 40. JCl is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It has operations in more than 120 countries. At present there are more than 25 local chapters of JCI working in Bangladesh. Of these, JCI Dhaka West is the largest and oldest.