Met office predicts rain for three more days
July 21st, 2020 at 1:53 pm
Met office predicts rain for three more days

Special Correspondent ;

Dhaka – Dhaka met office has predicted that the monsoon rain may continue for three more days to worsen the flooding in north and central parts of Bangladesh.

Most parts of Bangladesh may experience moderate to heavy rain and thundershower accompanied by gusty wind for the next 72 hours, the meteorological department said in a special forecast.   

The prediction came at a time when most thoroughfare in the capital Dhaka are submerged with knee to waist deep water, in many parts, thanks to a flawed draining system.   

“Light to moderate rain, thundershowers accompanied by temporary gusty wind is likely to occur at most places over all divisions with moderately heavy to very heavy falls at places,” the Met Office said in a bulletin.

The met office said the axis of monsoon runs through Rajasthan, Hariyana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal to Assam across the northern part of Bangladesh and one of its associated troughs extends up to the North Bay.

Monsoon is active over Bangladesh and strong over North Bay, it added.

Dhaka experienced 87mm rain in the last 24 hours until Tuesday morning. The highest rainfall was recorded 101mm in the south-estern district of Cox’s Bazar.

Moderate rain on Monday and Tuesday morning left many streets, lanes and by-lanes in the capital to submerge.

Flooding in northern parts of the country has been deteriorated due to gushing off waters from the upstream rivers. Rivers in the central parts also swell their banks causing inundation of vast areas.