Longest-ever ban on fishing in the Bay of Bengal slapped
May 20th, 2019 at 2:34 pm
Longest-ever ban on fishing in the Bay of Bengal slapped

Dhaka – The government has slapped a ban on fishing in the sea for 65 days apparently to increase the fish production in the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh.

The ban, under the Marine Fisheries Ordinance of 1883, began on Monday as the government consider this period as breeding period of the fish.

Bangladesh is the 11th marine fish producing country with its fishermen collect more than 113,000 tones of fishes of different varieties, including Hilsha, from the Bay of Bengal.

Officials in Dhaka said the 69-day ban, for the first time in Bangladesh, will significantly increase the production this year.  

But the fishermen on the ground who earn their butter and bread out of this trade say they will suffer a lot since the government has not been arranged any package of compensation during the period.

No fishermen will be allowed to catch fish in the sea during this period of ban, Mollah Emdadullah, a fisheries official in the coastal district of Patuakhali, said.

He said his office has sent a proposal to the higher authorities to bring these people under the government’s Vulnerable Group Feeding programme. Under this programme poor fishermen will be given a small package of compensation for their living.