Lockdown: movements on city streets increase on second day
April 15th, 2021 at 3:23 pm
Lockdown: movements on city streets increase on second day

by Staff Correspondent in Dhaka;

Bangladesh has got into its second day of ‘strict lockdown’ on Thursday with more people frequenting to city streets, lanes and by—lanes.

Many were seen traveling to the capital Dhaka while some were leaving the city on various excuses amid police surveillance, which appeared a little relaxed compared to the first day.

With number of Covid-19 cases and death registering records, the government on Monday decided to impose a ‘strict shutdown’ for eight days to slow the spread of the deadly virus that infected more than 700,000 people with nearly 10,000 deaths in Bangladesh.   

Police are trying to check vehicles on the deserted main thoroughfares, but many people on foot hardly bothered to carry movement passes.

Crowds were seen in the lanes and by-lanes and many local shops were reopened. Rickshaws plied on limited scale.

Those who were going outside of the city by their own cars or on shared vehicles, with exorbitant fares, put on excuses like visiting factories or ailing relatives.

The government-imposed shutdown excluded emergency services. Further excluded were mills and factories provided that the operators ensure their staff members are travelling safely by vehicles on their own arrangement.

But, many garment workers were seen either walking long way or crumbling into locally made vehicles to reach factories in Savar and Gazipur industrial districts.

Crowd at the banks, which are allowed a three-hour transaction, were comparatively less.