Lockdown a must to stop spread of Covid-19
March 24th, 2020 at 10:02 pm
We are not far away!
Lockdown a must to stop spread of Covid-19

By Nazrul Islam;

Dhaka – The death toll from Covid-19 and the number of infections have been steadily rising in Bangladesh, with alarm bells ringing that the pathogen might spread fast unless concerted efforts are on in the densely populated South Asian country.

Officially four people have been reported dead since the first death was reported on March 18, barely 10 days after the first three cases of novel coronavirus was detected. And, since then there is no respite – the number of confirmed infections and deaths based on Bangladesh’s limited testing facility continued to climb

As of today, the number of infected cases rose to 39 with six on Tuesday and six on Monday, a 100 per cent jump from Sunday’s tally of three. And of late, the government took some important decisions like nationwide troops deployment, shutting public and private offices for 10 days aiming at keeping the people indoors unless an emergency.

But alas! the following morning herds of senseless men and women along with their children crowded bus stands, ferry terminals, railway platforms and airports to embark on a pleasure trip.

As if it was a lifetime chance which they don’t want to lose at any cost when the entire world is locking down to prevent the spread of the virus that killed more than 17,000 people and infected nearly 400,000.

It prompted the government to go for further steps by suspending long haul buses, trains and ferries until April 4. There should be no compromise with these insane populace, whose callousness may cause colossal damage to humanity.

As in neighbouring India, where the number of novel coronavirus cases shot past 500 with barely nine fatalities, is imposing a three-week lockdown, Bangladesh should follow suit for the sake of more than 170 million lives. We are not far away!

We should keep in consideration whether a further delay can be affordable for Bangladesh at a time of global pandemic.

Let good senses prevail everywhere.