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Law changed to settle Ctg hill tracts land dispute
August 1st, 2016 at 3:06 pm
Law changed to settle Ctg hill tracts land dispute

Dhaka: Bangladesh government today brought about a major change to the law concerned aiming to put an end to the land dispute problems at Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Now land disputes will be settled on majority decision of the commission, whereas, previously the decision-making authority resided only with the chairman of the body.

Cabinet division approved Chittagong Hill Tracts Land Dispute Resolution Commission (amended) Act-2016 in principles today. It will be brought into effect through an ordinance.

Citing the development “significant,” Cabinet Secretary M Shafiul Alam said all of the 14 proposals for amendment placed before the government have been accepted.

“We made two important decisions – one regarding the decision-maker and the other on quorum of the meeting,” he said. “Now, the meeting quorum will be complete with chairman and three others.”

Previously, the chairman along with two others could complete the quorum.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina chaired the regular cabinet meeting. Cabinet Secretary M Shafiul Alam briefed reporters afterwards.

Meanwhile, the premier also instructed her cabinet colleagues, lawmakers and fellow Awami League leaders to stand beside the flood victims of the north, sources said.