Kashmiris alien in homeland!
August 10th, 2019 at 7:25 pm
Kashmiris alien in homeland!

By M Aminul Islam;

Kashmir is the darling child of nature. It is an embodiment of peace, harmony and tranquility. The nature has unbounded itself on the land with its bounties of beauties. But this picturesque valley is in jeopardy. It is turning into a valley of deaths. It has been forced to accept a new kismet, from an autonomous, sovereign state to a centrally-controlled union territory. Kashmir is in total lockdown now, isolated from the rest of the world. Humanity is seemed enchained. The peace-loving residents are living stateless, captive, caged in their own homeland. Kashmir is bleeding. It is now a boiling cauldron, a flashpoint, waiting to explode with its smouldering discontent.

Things were rolling fine but have turned horrific following the revocation of the special status accorded to Jammu and Kashmir more than seven decades ago now. Was it a necessary evil for hegemonist India to repeal the decisive article 370 when Kashmiri Muslims were preparing for their Eid of sacrifice? By abrogating article 370 and sub-clause 35A of the Indian constitution, the Narendra Modi government has taken away human rights from Kashmiris. By stripping Kashmir of its long-held privilege of self-rule and own flag-waving, the expansionist, imperialist and colonialist India has shown its real colour, its true self in this snow-capped Himalayan terrain.

Violence in Kashmir

India has virtually opened the Pandora’s box in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, the nerve centre of the Muslim separatists. Through this latest move, the central Indian government eyes settlements of non-Muslim jingoists there. People from across the country have got this right, this licence to buy land, property and establishments in Kashmir unbridled, do business and settle there permanently with intent to disturb peace, decimate ethnic Kashmiris and destroy their cultures and legacies.

Moments after the constitutional provision was annulled in Indian parliament on August 05, contingents of troops massed and marched in serried ranks on the roads leading to Kashmir, the world’s most troubled and desperate place at the moment, to gag the dissenting voices and liquidate the struggling Kashmiris. Even state police force has been disarmed. Video clips available on social networks are showing the world how members of Indian security forces are swooping on the freedom-seeking, unarmed demonstrators. The blood-sucking hyaenas never cease to pull triggers to kill the agitators like birds at the behest of the oppressive BJP regime.

Even essential public utilities and internet connectivity have remained snapped, thus segregating, alienating Kashmir from the outside. Thousands of Kashmiris living in faraway locations from their birthplace are passing days in anxiety for the safety of their families back home. They are making mass calls from home and abroad to reinstate the constitutional provision. They are a valid demand for the freedom of speech, movement and assembly. They are seeking a separate entity, a guarantee of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Jammu and Kashmir.

India Pakistan tension
India-Pakistan border on Kashmir

What is the root cause of the crisis in Kashmir, one of the former princely states of the British Raj in the Indian subcontinent? Why is it still a contentious issue, an apple of discord? Wherein lies the permanent solution to this disputed territory, party administered by India, Pakistan and China. The answer is not so far to seek. We need to take a flight back to the time during the Indo-Pak partition and their independence in 1947. Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh remained feudatory under Maharaja Hari Singh, the then reigning monarch of Jammu-Kashmir state.

The vassal states were then asked to choose between the new dominions of India and Pakistan or to stay independent separately. Kashmir had a chance to come into being as a free nation, but things had changed in a dramatic turn of events. The Hindu king chose merger with India and signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947, when Jawaharlal Nehru was the prime minister of India. This historic move had paved the way for Kashmir and other contiguous areas to join India. These events later triggered several Indo-Pak wars.

Indian Kashmir
Security beefed up after militants attacked an army bus in Kashmir.

The entire Muslim world is crying for the repressed Kashmir residents. Muslims around the globe feel a deep sense of togetherness and community with the Kashmiris. But this is not enough. The toothless OIC and the inactive Arab world mustn’t sit tight and take no notice of what’s happening around the globe. They mustn’t sit idle in the name of keenly observing the situation unfolding in Kashmir and until heavy casualties are documented by the world media.

The pan-Islamic organisations must wake up and respond to the clarion calls and plaintive pleas making the suppressed Muslim communities and diasporas from across the world, be it Kashmir, Rakhine, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan or Uyghur. They must act promptly to make a stronger diplomatic move which is pre-eminent to press for the rightful demands of the secessionists.

The latest media revelation is Indian forces have killed more than 95,000 Kashmiris and thrown thousands into jail in the past three decades. Former Kashmir chief ministers, including Faruq Abdullah, and other autonomists are either reported arrested or missing. The Kashmiri people should not lose heart at the sight of arms and ammo and submit themselves to the prowlers. Strike while the iron is hot. Time ahead is opportune for Kashmiris with their festering wounds. The Kashmiris should stand united to carry on with their showdown and register protests in the land of paradise on earth to wrest themselves from the shackles of subjugation and servitude.

Embark on a mission with an eye to freeing the dissected Kashmir from India’s influence. Instill in the Kashmiri youth the seeds of nationalism, patriotism and their starvation for freedom. We strongly believe the final victory is yours in the movement. We do believe that one day you will sample the long-cherished liberty and emancipation from the clout of ultra-conservative Hindustan and its right-wing radical Hindu nationalists led by the saffron party of premier Modi.

O the Omnipotent, O the Supreme Authority of the Day of the Resurrection and Judgement, please save the firebrand Kashmiris, their lives and property from the bloodhounds and keep them in the shadow of Your grace and punish the predators. They’re fast running out of food and fuels. They need provisions, they need charity. May Your boundless blessing shower on the downtrodden Kashmiri humanity. Give the Kashmiris guts and strength to resist the evil, invading forces in order to establish Kashmir as their bastion and a sacred Muslim heartland. May Your justice and righteousness prevail on Kashmir. Down with the rowdies and the destroyers of peace!

The writer, a news consultant at The Financial Express, is available via ‘[email protected]’.