JnU students enforce strike to demand dormitories
August 23rd, 2016 at 2:05 pm
JnU students enforce strike to demand dormitories

Dhaka – Students on Jagannath University began a two-day strike Tuesday halting academic and administrative activities of the university, activists say.

They stage demonstration on the campus since early morning keeping the academic and administrative buildings under lock and key. The students also locked the office of vice chancellor Mizanur Rahman.

The students have long been asking the authorities to construct residential halls for them. But they came up vigorous agitation after the Dhaka Central Jail was shifted last month to Keraniganj from Nazimuddin Road in the old part of the city.

They demand construction of the halls at the place of old central jail.

Law enforcements on Monday prevented the agitated students from their pre-scheduled laying siege of the Prime Minister’s Office that prompted them to announce a two-day strike.

No classes and exams were held on the first day of the stoppage as thousands of students abstained from classes and tests. They put barriers at the main gate of the muniversity.

The protests caused severe traffic congestion in the old part of the city where most of the lower courts and wholesale businesses are located.

Student of the Jagannath University have long been suffering from residential crisis, as most of the students are from other districts. They hardly have any accommodation in the dormitories. Instead they reside in rented homes in groups having fewer privileges for study.