Jihadists’ video threatens more attacks on Bangladesh
July 6th, 2016 at 2:13 pm
Jihadists’ video threatens more attacks on Bangladesh

Dhaka – A jihadists’ video surfaced on the internet has threatened more attacks on Bangladesh as three Bangla-speaking men were seen praising the last week’s attacks on a restaurant in Dhaka’s Gulshan diplomatic district.

The video, released by the US-base SITE Intelligence group that monitors jihadists’ threat worldwide, goes viral on social media sites.

The video footage shows that three Bangla-speaking young men, one of the hide his face behind veil, one bearded and the other clean shaved, made the calls for attacks on Bangladesh standing by a busy road being crossed by speeding cars in the night.

The SITE Intelligence Group said the footage was taken in Raqqa, the so-called capital of Islamic caliphate run by the Islamic State.

In the video footage, the first of the three men was addressing the government of Bangladesh and its employees and officers asking why they support democracy.

“How come you support a system like democracy, which goes against Islam. Don’t you know democracy is a system where laws are being made by the man despite the Allah announces that he holds the power of enacting laws,” said the man.

None has seen the jihad, began in Bangladesh, before, said the man adding that the jihad was promulgated by Prophet Muhammad. “You cannot stop this jihad until we come victorious defeating you, and the caliphate is established across the world,” said the man.

“Whatever (the attacks) you see in Bangladesh will repeat, repeat and repeat until you loss and we win to establish sharia law,” the man said in Bangla.

The second man blamed Bangladeshi governments of replacing sharia by man-made laws saying that they have become infidels. “It has been mandatory to launch jihad against them.”

The third and bearded man praised the attacks that the suspected Islamists carried out at Holey Artisan Bakery restaurant in Dhaka killing 20 civilians on Friday.

Nine of the victims were Italian, seven Japanese, one Indian, two Bangladeshi and one US citizen.

Dhaka has sought international assistance to fight terrorism after its capital experienced the deadliest assault last week.