JCI Dhaka West Culture Without Borders held virtually connecting all continents
October 18th, 2022 at 7:05 pm
JCI Dhaka West Culture Without Borders held virtually connecting all continents

An international project named “Culture Without Borders”, with the collaboration of more than 20 countries and 7 continents all around the world, was successfully held on 16th October 2022, Sunday, at GMT+6, 8 PM to accommodate all the countries to share their rich culture within the JCI members all around the world.

Junior Chamber International-JCI Dhaka West, a local organization from JCI Bangladesh is arranging the this series of cultural exchange programs named “Culture Without Borders” to connect with JCI members from different nationalities around the world and strengthen our friendship, peace, and tranquillity among members from all continents.

Since the pandemic outbreak, and all the borders being locked for transitions, this project can be an opportunity to make friends and well-wishers beyond borders. To promote respect and understanding for other cultures hence promoting cultures to flourish in their diverse cross-cultural skills in a globalized world. It is fundamental for those nations as they interact to understand each other’s values and norms for the relationships to last.

Bangladesh is rich in History and culture and has always been home to many famous traditions. We believe our project and online programs will be the perfect place to gather inspiration and collaboration, about sharing diverse cultures and society. So that we can find a friend on every border around the world.

On this session, 2022 Local President of JCI Dhaka West, Bangladesh, Md. Altamis Nabil, Local president of JCI Dhaka United, Azazul Hasan Khan, president of JCI New York City Vreeshini Raojee, JCI Oslo Norway president Ekaterina Popova & many more distinguished guests were present. There was presentation from Bangladesh, Tunisia, South Africa, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Norway, Paraguay, United Kingdom & USA regarding their history and country brief during first session of the project. This project was lead by Gibson Modhu Eric, members from JCI Dhaka West Bangladesh.

This was a uniquely diverse culture exchange session with a good networking hub for all JCI members worldwide. Junior Chamber International, commonly referred to as JCI, is a non-profit international non-governmental organization of young people between 18 and 40 years old. It has members in about more than 120 countries, and regional or national organizations in most of them.