It’s not a Chinese whisper
June 2nd, 2020 at 4:51 pm
It’s not a Chinese whisper

by Imran A. Chowdhury:

The world has fallen into the ditch with a tailspin since early March 2020 and yet to fathom the depth of the fall and its subsequent ramifications. The reach of this catastrophe has encompassed the length and the breadth of the modern world’s all most all nation states. It is an unprecedented pan world pandemic, which has literally overwhelmed the world leaders and citizens too; nothing of this magnitude has been seen in our lifetime.

There seems to lie a great mystery, cover up, suppression of the passage of information and truth. The country of origin of this pandemic; China assumably has withheld with many facts and figures about the origin, cause, nature, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and finally the death toll of this cataclysm from the rest of the world; which have resulted into a complete meltdown of the world economy, loss of the lives of millions and have obliterated the normal course of human lives. Day-to-day lifestyle for the mankind for the last 3 months have changed forever and, it might take years to get things back to normal so it seems from the outset. 


These are not just mere accusations, there are formidable evidences and ample of reasons to believe that, there was some kind of deliberate effort not to let the world know about these tumultuous bouts of the virus. The authorities in China have turned a blind eye to share the data and the devastation of this pandemic.

The epicenter of the virus in the ancient city of Wuhan with a population in excess of 10 million and her death toll is paltry few thousands, ironically in the most populous country the infection has not spread anywhere else but to a few towns when the main reasons of this virus infection is caused due to human proximity, yet for some unknown reasons the Chinese authority have managed to oppress or suppressed the infection of this mighty virus like as they oppress and suppress all other news from the world.

Its crystal clear that China has lived up to its nickname, “The Sleeping Dragon”. Where the dragon has actually fallen asleep, to wake up to its own problem and at the same time warn her neighbours; the wider world about the problem. The question is, was it unintentional or deliberate, I guess, time will decide as to what has happened to pull the wool over eyes of the rest of the humanity.

Let’s for a minute look at China and her shenanigans for the last the quarter of  a century; This is  the world’s most populous country with appalling human rights records, this is the vast landscape where still minority ethnic and religious groups are allegedly persecuted, a quasi-communism and a socialist ideological country yet it has the highest numbers of oligarchs and bourgeois with billions of dollars in their banks, China is perhaps the only country who manufactures for the rest of the democratic world, whereas they themselves are not democratic, one party rule spanning well over the last 75 years where the political elites in question are not answerable.

China is slowly and gradually engulfing the underdeveloped countries all over the world with crippling debt trap and acting like a bailiff to enforce hostile bad debt collectors, when to begin with, they masqueraded as benevolent friend.

Although, it is fair to say that, due to Chinese sudden rise as a manufacturing hub for the world has perpetuated the Globalisation.

Thereby, countries have benefited from this newly coined phenomenon and its economical perks. It is imperative for the world’s sovereign nation state’s notice of, is China trying to instigate an economical neocolonialism? Chinese new BRI initiative (Belt on Roads) is nothing less than that of a pseudo quest of attaining an imperialism.

Coronavirous pathogen

This pandemic is going to perhaps tear apart the globalisation myth and every nation will perhaps shape their geo politics and geo-economics to be self-reliant in their basic manufacturing in the days to come.

The headline number from Cambridge University, released on Tuesday (19th May), was scary. In its “worst case scenario,” the Centre for Risk Studies projected that the COVID-19 shutdown will cost the world’s economy $82 trillion. Which is circa 5 times of the Chinese GDP.

The fingers are pointed by all corners towards the Chinese role in this pandemic. Monday night 7 previous foreign secretaries of the UK have urged the incumbent British Foreign Secretary to intervene into the Hong Kong affairs. These sudden violation of human rights and infringement of the terms of 1997 handing taking over agreement. As well as instigating border disputes with its neighbours with a sudden unilateral decision to concentrate military in the borders, raising unnecessary tension during calamitous and tumultuous human tragedy is nothing but trying divert the world’s attention from the ramifications of the unanswered questions about the Covid 19.

Under these clouds of riddles and the ominous circumstances, it is hardly any Chinese wisher for the world to wake up to the reality as to whether or not the world can afford to pledge trust on China!

Imran A Chowdhury is a Geo Political Analyst