How to work from home with kids
March 30th, 2020 at 3:49 pm
How to work from home with kids

Asaduzzaman Rassel;

Working at home sounds like a great idea. If you work from home with your kids around, you know it can be a challenge when you need to focus on one or the other.

How to work from home and look after children simultaneously. With the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic now disrupting travel, childcare and schools, that’s the challenge facing huge numbers of working parents

These tips can help.

Set a period around work: If you are working from home that means you are available to 8 hours a day. So be clear with work colleagues on your working pattern each day and draw boundaries around when you are not available. Shared diaries are particularly helpful for this. Set your deliverable & try to act accordingly.

Plan your work and work your plan

Plan well ahead: Think about when it’s best to focus on working and when there’s more flexibility to enjoy free time with the family. If your children are old enough to amuse themselves without constant supervision, then set them up in 30/60 minute activities and work in short chunks.

Put your desk is closer to your kids: If possible, put desk in the kids playing room. You will love to have them around and it doesn’t disturb my concentration at all. The only thing is that they often pop up in chats.

Work early and late: If you are blessed with a late sleeper child, set your alarm early and get a few hours work done before they wake up. If that leaves you tired, then join your child in their afternoon nap.

Let kids be kids! Every once in a while, you just let them go at it with paint, sand, water, or cookies! It’s freeing and makes for a quiet 30 minutes!

Rotate toys to keep them new and interesting: This can buy an extra 10–20 minutes of independent playtime to get a few more things done!

Take a break when you feel like to have a break

Have a bottle ready: If baby might wake up, having a bottle ready to go can be a way to calm your baby.

Take little break from work: Spend some time playing, exploring or learning with the kids.

Plan games and activities: It is worth investing a little time researching, planning and prepping some engaging activities to keep little kids entertained. In addition, even school-aged children will need lots of downtime from structured learning.

Take care of yourself: It’s easy for pressure to get the better of working parents, even at the best of times. We often priorities our own well-being because there is simply so much to do.

A global pandemic, when there are lives and incomes under threat, is going to challenge the worry levels of even the most laid back character.

Take a good care of your children

Overlooking self-care won’t be good for us or our children. Because when we don’t look after ourselves, we quickly deplete our resources for looking after others and for being the calm consistent parent we aspire to be.

So priorities little bits of self-care and take a few minutes regularly to stretch and breathe. Stop working, have a cup of tea and listen to a funny podcast to take your mind off things and refresh.

The writer, a PR professional currently working in an international development organisation is available via [email protected]