How the virus pandemic reshapes our world?
July 4th, 2020 at 3:08 pm
How the virus pandemic reshapes our world?

Shamem Ahamed;

Experts are giving opinion about how the novel coronavirus pandemic will shape the world. Somebody is telling that the virus would alter the world order. The similar school of thoughts are saying, “certainly It will reshape our world and redesign our destiny.” Pessimistic views are more alarming. They are even thinking that the world may end up with the extinction of human civilization.

The novel coronavirus is just the beginning. There are more yet to attack and the pandemic linger for a longer period. The full-stop of human civilization is not the chapter to read now but our world’s shape is changing and it will appear in new look, certainly. We have to be worried and get ready to embrace the new normal which is more or less certain to say. The word that is hammering now is “how”.

From the country perspective, it’s the high time the state mechanism brought multiple brilliant minds together to find the solution to face the challenges that include aggravated migration crisis, rising nationalism, food crisis, vaccine diplomacy, unemployment and recession.

The problems of globalization go hand in hand with the prospects of globalization. Nations cannot afford the lengthy isolation triggered by the deadly virus, and they need to open their borders for the movement of people, goods and services. Therefore, it seems regionalization is the new globalization in days to come. As the regional trade of North American countries is widening and holding a bigger share of the world economy. RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) tools may stand as the savior for the endangered economies.

But my concern is to discuss from the individual perspective, especially from the people of Third World countries who are feeling the highest burnt of the pandemic. The government is perhaps not concern about me in real sense. For the state mechanism, I am just a number to enlist in the “death” column of its excel file.

The government is more concerned about its economy as if the people are the less important element of the state. So being self-dependent is the wisest decision we can take during this pandemic.

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Finding a way on your own can be the only option for survival in a country like Bangladesh. I think, getting back to village and starting cultivation may be the right choice to make someone self-dependent. Certainly there should be more ways to explore. Think what can be your tools to grip. We should not forget that, companies brought the farmers from the village and make them knitting labours. Companies are dumping them now when they have already forgot how to cultivate. So, getting back to village may apparently be a wrong choice, but they have to.

Shamem Ahamed