Honking continues at downtown “silent zone” in Dhaka
December 17th, 2019 at 1:44 pm
Honking continues at downtown “silent zone” in Dhaka

Dhaka – Honking is unabated despite the fact that the government had announced its administrative hub “Bangladesh Secretariat” and adjoining areas in central Dhaka is a silent zone to reduce sound pollution from Tuesday.

The drivers of cars, buses and auto-rickshaws and the bikers are seemed to have paid no need to the government directives. They continue to blow horns on the streets, where motorized and slow moving non-motorized vehicles ply together.

Law enforcement agencies, however, did not go for punishing the drivers as the piloting of the “silent zone” began only Tuesday. Rather, they distributed leaflet containing the directives to make the drivers aware about honking.

Most of the drivers say they don’t know this area was made ‘no horn area’.

The government on Sunday announced the Secretariat and it adjoining Paltan, Zero Point crossing, Secretariat Link Road as silent zone, where honking is prohibited and an offence punishable with financial penalty of 5000 taka and jail of maximum one month.

“We are not imposing penalty on the first day. We will continue the awareness drive for a few days since many new cars ply on these roads every day,” said Mohammad Nurunnabi, a police officer maintaining traffic movement in the area.

Earlier, Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Shahb Uddin led a procession of officials and green activists in the area to inaugurate the piloting of silent zone.

Mobile courts against sound pollution will be launched from Wednesday, he said adding that the government would take up more areas to make sound pollution free in Dhaka’s other areas in phases.

“We will ensure Dhaka is free of sound pollution. To this end we have launched awareness programme,” the minister said.