Gridlock on highways ahead of Eid
September 8th, 2016 at 12:56 pm
Gridlock on highways ahead of Eid

Dhaka – Passengers on different routes have immensely been suffering thanks to tailback on the major highways as people, to and from Dhaka, busy travelling to their destinations ahead of the Muslim festival of Eid-al-Adha, sufferers said on Thursday.

Lack of discipline on the road networks, especially on Dhaka-Rajshahi and Dhaka-Chittagong highways caused tailback since early morning. Passengers on both sides of the highways remain stranded on their vehicles for hours.

“I never saw gridlock like this in the past,” a passenger posted on his social media page from Bangabandhu Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge in Tangail.

Collapse of ferry service schedule on the River Padma added additional sufferings to the passengers travelling through Dhaka-Arich highway.

Tens of thousands of people have started leaving the capital city for their ancestral homes to celebrate the Muslim festival to be celebrated on September 13. The government has announced a six-day holiday on the occasion of the eid.

Police said a lorry broke down at Korotia of Tangail district triggered severe traffic jam on Dhaka-Tangail highway, the main road network that connected northern part of the country with the capital Dhaka.

The ill-fated vehicle was removed from the highway at around noontime, but still the vehicular movement was slow, said an official at the Highway Police department.