Bangladesh prepares hospitals to handle potential second Covid-19 wave
October 8th, 2020 at 1:56 pm
Bangladesh prepares hospitals to handle potential second Covid-19 wave

by Our Correspondent in Dhaka:-

The government has kept prepared all hospitals nationwide to treat the novel coronavirus patients as the fear of a second wave of the deadly bug is predicted by different quarters.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the assurance on Thursday while addressing the inauguration of a newly-built highway that connected the backward haaor regions in the north-eastern Kishoreganj district. Hasina was speaking through a video conferencing at her official Ganabhaban residence.

During her speech, Hasina mentioned about her government’s measures to save lives amidst the global pandemic that infected more than 30 million people with more than 1 million deaths worldwide since December last year. Scientist fear a second wave of the virus may sweep the world again during the winter.

The prime minister too reminded that the virus may active again in the winter like that of the last year saying that her government had kept everything read to combat the virus.

The district hospitals are ready with ICUs and oxygen supplies to provide healthcare services to people if the virus reappears with further intensity during the winter, set to begin next month.

“The virus may resurge in the upcoming winter. Keeping it in mind, we’re arranging all sorts of medical services,” she said adding that the government recruited some 2,000 doctors, 3000 nurses and a good number of health technicians.

The virus, which surfaced in the Chinese city Wuhan in December last year, killed more than 5,000 people in Bangladesh after it was first detected in three people in March this year.