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Explosions at Kabul funeral site kill six, injures dozens
June 3rd, 2017 at 7:55 pm
Explosions at Kabul funeral site kill six, injures dozens

International desk – At least six people were killed and dozens others injured after explosions at a funeral in Kabul of a man died during a protest on Friday.

BBC reported on Saturday that that the blasts hit the funeral of a senator’s son, one of five people killed when police fired on a protest against deteriorating security.

The chief executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, was at the funeral. His office said he was unhurt.

The latest violence came as much of Kabul is in lockdown.

Officials had warned people to stay away from demonstrations, saying they might be attacked by militants. Checkpoints have been set up in central Kabul, and armoured vehicles are patrolling the streets.

It was not clear what caused the three explosions at the funeral, and no group has said it was behind them. At least 87 people were wounded, the health ministry said.

Some reports suggest the number of dead could be higher than six.

Pictures on social media showed a number of bodies at the scene.

Friday’s protest followed a bomb attack on Wednesday which killed 90 people in the city’s diplomatic district.

Afghan intelligence officials have blamed the Haqqani network, a Taliban affiliate with alleged links to Pakistan.

The Taliban denied any role and there has been no comment from so-called Islamic State militants, who are usually quick to claim attacks.

More than a third of Afghanistan is now said to be outside government control.

The US has about 8,400 troops in Afghanistan, while another 5,000 from NATO allies are in the country.