EDITORIAL:Custodial death and reorganising police
October 15th, 2020 at 1:19 pm
EDITORIAL:Custodial death and reorganising police

We are pained by the news of a young man’s death in police custody  in Sylhet and several other incidents involving the law enforcers. It is sad and calls for review of the entire modus operandi of the Bangladesh Police.

From the cold-blooded murder of a retired army officer to sacking of police for drug addiction have kept the police in focus for all the wrong reasons, instead of good deeds.

It appears that a handful of law enforcers have gone wayward not only tarnishing the image of the police, but also their proud role from the first day of the 1971 Independence War. It also puts the government in an embarrassing situation when rights groups scream.

The Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has assured us of punishing all the policemen involved in different cases. How many times he has to repeat the statement in a bid to stop faltering public confidence on police remains a million dollar question.

We believe the police force needs to be reorganised by picking on honest and competent men in top positions and ensuring a mechanism for constant monitoring of men holding important posts from top to bottom.

With a brilliant chief like Dr. Benazir Ahmed, such incidents just does not go with his name and fame.

Thus we look forward for an immediate action to stop policemen from committing crimes and earn the full trust of the people. We are sure some of the bad apples will be plucked out and thrown in the bin permanently.