Saturday, November 21st, 2020
EDITORIAL: Why Another Killing On The Bangladesh-India Border?
November 21st, 2020 at 10:38 pm
EDITORIAL: Why Another Killing On The Bangladesh-India Border?

The killing of a 28-year-old man on the Bangladesh-India border by the neighbouring country’s border guards is extremely sad and should not have happened.

Police said he was a drug peddler and killed by the Border Security Force (BSF) in Bangladesh’s Thakurgaon border district.

The Bangladesh Border Guard chief of the area Lieutenant Colonel AK Azad said the BSF members from Kushnimara camp opened fire on him while he along with several others went to the main pillar no 1062/3 along the border, leaving him dead.

He may have been a drug peddler or a smuggler, but every day many people illegally enter India and return to their homes in Bangladesh as the border is porous, but why should they be killed.

The young man should have been detained if he had done anything illegal and handed over to the BGB for legal action. Every man has the right to justice and the BSF has denied him the most basic right.

But why such incidents are being repeated between the two traditionally friendly countries with India appearing to be working to warm up bilateral ties after a dip this year. The Bangladesh government has repeatedly requested India to stop such killings and use non-lethal weapons, if necessary.

This one single issue creates anti-India sentiments in Bangladesh and is used for political fights as the ruling Awami League of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is labelled as “pro-Indian” by her rivals using such border killings to hype-up public opinion both against the premier as well as New Delhi.

The rivals are known to be pro-Pakistani, including 1971 collaborators of the enemy forces and war criminals, besides pro-Chinese groups.

We feel as a “true friend” India will immediately take steps to punish the BSF men who killed the Bangladeshi youth, make it public and permanently stop such killings by removing its trigger-happy soldiers from the border.

If it does not do so, all its efforts to win over the hearts of Bangladeshis will go in vain. We are sure India does not want that and rather share special moments like “Mujib Barsho” with the Bengali nation.

We fervently hope this was the last killing on the Bangladesh-India border.