Tuesday, September 15th, 2020
EDITORIAL: Its “festival travel” with people’s money!
September 15th, 2020 at 6:13 pm
EDITORIAL: Its “festival travel” with people’s money!

Two reports in online news portals will leave anybody in awe. Is it a joke or is it a case of reckless “festival travel” by some government officials in the name of overseas training. It is unacceptable and public money cannot be misused like this in any way.

The first case is about some 1,000 government officials are allegedly preparing to go abroad to “learn first-hand” how to cook and serve meals in schools starting from shopping to serving, costing the national exchequer Taka 5 crore, with a proposal for additional Taka 10 crore for local training has been sought.

They plan has been undertaken by the Primary Education Directorate under the “Primary School Feeding Programme.” Others in the list of “festival” travel include those from the Primary and Mass Education Ministry, the Planning Commission and Implementation and Evaluation Department.

One can well imagine what will be left for the children itself eventually!

The other is almost a similar “festival” travel by the officials of the government’s Library Department costing the exchequer another Taka 2 crore to see different structure abroad before a planned building is set to be constructed in Bangladesh.

Firstly, how these officials have the audacity to waste public money when there is a cash crunch due to COVID-19, while the second is why not consult our local architects. Some of them are designing structure for other countries.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said following deaths due to coronavirus pandemic that money, wealth, buildings have no value when Allah decides time is over in this world for a person. It seems they have forsaken the premier’s words and to them Allah is not a factor.

Thus, we strongly believe that concerned superior officials will immediately stop such “festival Travels” and punish those who made the proposal seeking funds.

Let us use the funds to give standard education to our children and educate the people with a professionally built library, using our internationally acclaimed architects.