EDITORIAL: God bless Satkhira!
August 23rd, 2020 at 9:16 pm
EDITORIAL: God bless Satkhira!

Natural calamities are not uncommon in Bangladesh, but when it comes one after the other it makes the life of the affected people miserable and seriously damages the rural economy. Satkhira district is one with which nature has been very cruel.

A massive cyclone Amphan ravaged the district few months ago and it has been repeatedly flooded, the latest one is blamed on weak or old dams that have been washed away by gushing water amid monsoon rains.

So far flood caused around Taka 250 million loss to fish farmers of the district and adjacent ones. 

hapless residents are living in miseries with their homes flooded in south-western Satkhira district

Shatkira’s Shyamnagar and Assasuni upazilas were flooded this time when suddenly river water burst their banks breaching a major embankment at high tide.

The affected areas were Lebunia of Gabura union, Pratapnagar and Sreeula unions of Assasuni Sadar upazila, and Dayarghat and Jelekhali of Assasuni Sadar union.

The water has washed away crops, fish enclosures and many homes were flooded or washed away.

According to available statistics the floods have washed away 1,658 tons of fish worth Tk245,420,000; 3,302,000 fish hatchlings worth Tk5,004,000 from ponds and damaged infrastructures worth about Tk1 lakh.

Indeed our people are very resilient and courageous which helps them to turn around, but the question is how much more can they take.

It is time for the concerned authorities to give the district top priority to keep it free from flooding by immediately fixing or making quality embankments last for decades. It is unacceptable that a calamity that is preventable by putting up strong embankments is making the lives of the people of Satkhira miserable.

We appeal to stand by the district’s people and without wasting any time urgent measures be taken to save them from such flooding in the future.

May God help the people of Satkhira.