EDITORIAL: Children, Police and Court
October 12th, 2020 at 12:01 am
EDITORIAL: Children, Police and Court

Medical Science will fail if it has to give any practical theory of children under nine-years old can not only have sex, but can at all rape a woman. But that is exactly what happened in the case of four boys who arrested and sent to jail for raping a six-year-old girl.

Our mind boggles how could this happen in a country where a law specifically says that children under nine years cannot be detained or be taken to court.

Is it the power of the police still embarrassing the country and why a magistrate could be so ignorant in upholding the laws of the land as well as basic human right.

The six boys, aged between six and eight years old from Barisal district are now free and reunited with their parents after the intervention of the High Court, where the magistrate and police were blamed for such cruelty.

The TV footage showed the poor wailing children being forcefully pushed into a prison van and we wonder if the police officer in charge has a heart or not. First he broke the law and then displayed his power by treating the six children cruelly.

We believe the incident should be seriously taken up by the concerned authorities and those involved be taken to task so that there is no repetition of such unlawful cruel act.