EDITORIAL: Bangladesh Needs Anti-Militancy Lessons In Educational Institutions
November 20th, 2020 at 10:45 pm
EDITORIAL: Bangladesh Needs Anti-Militancy Lessons In Educational Institutions

Yet four more Islamic militants have been arrested with explosives and Jihadi books. They were tracked down after two others were quizzed by law enforcers.

What is alarming is the find of 31 bombs which were defused by police in the capital Dhaka’s Uttara area and it appear s to be have been stored for a major attack, although police said it was meant to be used during by-election to a parliamentary seat.

But who were they really and why such deadly plan?

May it be militants or political activists, it is clear that most of those arrested over the months were students, who were the main targets of the militants — Jamaatul Mujaheedin Bangladesh (JMB) — as it is easy brain wash them in the name of Islam.

Thus it is necessary to add a class in all educational institutions against militancy so that the young are not drawn to such extremism. Only intelligence about the activities of the militants and their arrests ca not weed out such violent means of extremism that kills innocent people.

We do want to thank the government for its “zero-tolerance” against militancy and the successes of our law enforcers in containing attacks after the one at Holey Artisan in Dhaka in 2016, which left several hostages and the militants dead.

Anti-militancy along with religious education can add to the government’s efforts to end the menace and save Bangladesh from meaningless violence.

Islamic religious events like Waaz Mahfils or Tabligs must be closely monitored as many people have admitted to have been influenced with extreme religious beliefs from sermons given in Islamic programmes. The militants use different tactics to draw innocent people.

The recent arrest of militants is alarming and all steps must be taken to uproot such wayward groups of people with the mission to turn Bangladesh a rightwing Islamic country.

Bangladesh was born as a secular state and we must remain so at any cost.