Corona times, different time!
March 31st, 2020 at 10:22 pm
Corona times, different time!

Nadeem Qadir;

Incredible time we are passing through. A time that none could foresee, a time none was ready to face and time which is bringing the inner self of the human race — 100 years after the last such calamity called the Bubonic plague.

Corona apparently is no less as it sweeps the world leaving behind a trail of death. Amid the blame game between China and the United States who created this super bug, countries like Italy, Spain, Britain and few others struggle to save lives with millions of hearts reaching out to the all-powerful Creator — Allah, Bhagwan or by any other name — with heads bowed in prayers for his help.

In fact, the God in everyone is out. Many who pride themselves of being an atheist too are quietly, if not in public, praying to the all-powerful creator for help, to save their lives.


Is it that the God forgotten by his mankind’s greed, graft, lust and vengeance is making a comeback? Is it really the show of might by the Creator to tell the human species not to indulge in things forbidden by Him. All faiths have common dos and don’ts, except for one’s sexual orientation, which is another issue altogether.

A number of people telephoned, messaged or emailed remembering this author after ages for reasons unthinkable. It was first to say they were praying for the man they had not done proper and then wishing a long life by surviving the Satan called coronavirus.

The chance of an imminent death in the hands of the super bug which stands strong with the human race failing so far to defeat it with the most sought after the drug, appears to be having flashback among the people forcefully locked up in their homes as the only way to save oneself from coronavirus.

Flashbacks of good times and good deeds are falling behind the misdeeds it appears! Thus one might have the chance to change for the remaining lifetime not to indulge in any misdeeds, I pray.

The scene on television footages from the beach resort town of Cox’s Bazar has another message. The city of Dhaka, crammed with two million people, most of whom fight for existence, to climb professional stairs and get rich 24/7, has been delivered with another message if one cared to pause a bit to notice the miracles of the all-powerful creator has given to those who do not belong to the human species.


In Cox’s Bazar, the dolphins are the new guests at the world’s longest unbroken beach or is it that they are back home after the human species were driven into their brick-made homes in what is called lockdown? A large number of plants, which vanished from the beach, are sprouting out in large numbers in a festive mood with no human species trampling them to death.

In Dhaka, the air smelling better every day and experts say the air quality continued to improve with the arrival of coronavirus. The fresh air for which we spent billions to travel to resorts is now free for all but locked up in their homes.

Due to fresh air, plants in parks and streets are coming out in full to welcome the Spring by spraying all the beautiful Bengali colours.

This author’s Kiwi-American sibling, Naweed, thinks the nature is punishing mankind for treating it so cruelly from the deep seas for oil and fish, to the forest by either torching them or felling trees for fuel or furniture.

“The Amazon, the Blue mountains (Australia) were burned down by men for money like they burn slums in our country to grab lands to make high-rise buildings … natural justice from Allah due to prayers from nature,” he said from Houston, Texas.


He added: “Man-made or not, the bug is powerful enough to kill thousands in a powerful country like America. Many of us here think it is the revenge of nature.”

The 1865 Bubonic Plague, which is spread by flea-ridden rats, is named as the culprit behind the chaos. But mounting evidence suggests that an Ebola-like virus was the actual cause of the Black Death and the sporadic outbreaks that occurred in the following 300 years.

The plague lasted in London until the late autumn when the colder weather helped kill off the fleas. Over the centuries Bubonic Plague has broken out in Europe and the Far East. Influenza seems to be the modern form of plague. At the end of World War One an influenza outbreak circled the world during 1918 – 1919. The coronavirus is also from the influenza family.


For this author being stranded at home is a torture and thoughts of man, nature and the world which are not usual, took over due to the different kind of time we are passing through.

Having witnessed the worst genocide during the 1971 war, the brain’s memory cells register the commonality of being locked in fear for life. However, the enemies were known armed people coming to kill any time, but now it is a known big bug which moves quietly to kill not by banging boots on the doors.

It took nine months to defeat that enemy of 1971 in a fight between human species. Surely mankind will defeat the coronavirus, but after paying a big price for no good cause. 

Let mankind wake up to this call for a change to become better humans to make the world an inclusive beautiful place to live in as long as it lasts. Nature included.

Nadeem Qadir is a senior Bangladeshi journalist and a Dag Hammarskjöld fellow,-