Commando operation at suspected militant den in Sylhet
March 25th, 2017 at 11:59 am
Commando operation at suspected militant den in Sylhet

Dhaka – Army commandos have launched operation at a suspected militant den in north-eastern Bangladeshi city of Sylhet as the suspects turned down law enforcement’s call to surrender, police said on Saturday.

The army-led joint force launched the raid styled “Operation Twilight” at the five-storey building in Shibbari area of Sylhet at around 9am, more than 30 hours after the lawmen keep the establishment cordoned off.

Members of the Special Weapon and Tactic Team (SWAT) and police were assisting the commandos as they approached with armored vehicles.

The lawmen remained prepared for the operation as the suspected members of the banned militant outfit Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh turned down a call to surrender on Friday.

Most of the residents of the building, Achhia Villa, at Pathanpara were evacuated before the lawmen went for the operation.

Police, through a loudspeaker, asked the suspected militants to surrender, Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Golam Kibria said.

Power connection of the building was cut, officer Basudeb Banik said.

Local residents reported that several gunshots and explosions were heard from the spot around Friday noon.

Ustar Mia, owner of the building, told reporters that he rented the flat to a couple in January. The man identified himself as Kawsar working for a private company while the female identified her as Morjina Begum.