BRTC bus starts operation on Dhaka Elevated Expressway
September 18th, 2023 at 1:38 pm
The expressway was opened to traffic on September 2, 2023. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally inaugurated the Airport-Farmgate section of the Dhaka Elevated Expressway.
BRTC bus starts operation on Dhaka Elevated Expressway

by Staff Correspondent, Dhaka – Bangladesh’s State-run transport agency has begun operation of bus services on Farmgate-Uttara route using the newly opened section of Dhaka Elevated Expressway.

Chairman of the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) opened the service on Monday to facilitate commuters cost-effective and hassle-free travelling using the expressway.

The government, opened the expressway to traffic earlier this month, but Dhaka’s ramshackle city-service buses being operated by the private owners do not use the route citing that they would not get enough commuters through the expressway.

The BRTC will operate eight buses initially to carry passengers from three depots. Commuters can board the buses from both ends of the expressway. The state-run company will charge 35 taka – 40 taka per passenger for one-way travel on the route, according to the BRTC.

BRTC buses will pick up passengers from Jasimuddin Road (Uttara),  Airport Railway Station, and Kaola in the north for south-bound passengers up to Farmgate.

The north-bound passengers can board buses at the Khejur Bagan Golchattar, Khamar Bari, and Bijoy Sarani, according to the BRTC route plan. The

The BRTC says an e-ticketing system would ensure passengers are not overcharged. It says, tolls are not included in the fare. In the future, the authorities will adjust fares to account for government-fixed tolls.

The toll for buses on the expressway is 160 taka.