BNP demands govt’s resignation over counter-terrorism failure
July 10th, 2016 at 8:38 pm
BNP demands govt’s resignation over counter-terrorism failure

Dhaka – Bangladesh Nationalist Party has asked the Awami League-led coalition of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to stand down for what the party says over government’s failure to thwart terrorism.

BNP, an opposition outside parliament, observed that the government did not take any visible anti-terrorism actions. The party accused the government, stead, for resorting to repressing the opposition parties.

BNP senior joint secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi Ahmed came up with the allegation saying “So far people have not seen any precedence of immediate initiative by the government to root out extremism.

“Instead, it’s busy to play the blame game and thwart the oppositions,” he said adding that the government seemed to be busy attempting to wipe out BNP.

The BNP senior leader said the government’s steps have proved that it is arbitrarily attempting to keep alive the evil-force militants to be in power and set up a one-party rule.

The country has been experiencing to be a ‘breeding farm’ of terrorism as killing, forced disappearance; bloodbath and violence are seen across the country.

Referring to the killing of a BNP man in Satkhira Saturday, the BNP leader said it is a shame for the nation that the government kills the innocent people instead of the terrorists.

The BNP leader also claimed the Prime Minister has lost her willpower and determination to accept her failures and adopt any step for the sake of working for the benefit the country and well-being of its people.

“We want to firmly say the crisis can be resolved only through joint efforts,” he said adding that his party was ready to assist the government in case it takes united efforts to fight terrorism.