Bangladesh must check hosts’ security steps before sending cricketers abroad
March 16th, 2019 at 2:22 pm
Bangladesh must  check hosts’ security steps before sending cricketers abroad

Dhaka –With shocking experience in New Zealand, Bangladesh says it must review security in host countries ahead of sending the national cricket team in future anywhere in the world.

The members of the national team narrowly escaped a terrorist attack carried out apparently by a rightwing Australian extremist at mosques in New Zealand’s Christchurch that left at least 49 people, mostly immigrants, killed and dozens others injured.

Like many others in Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also concerned with the security that the host provided to Bangladeshi team during their New Zealand tour.

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

“Whenever we send our cricket team, will have to check the security arrangements there,” the Prime minister said a day after Bangladesh Cricket Board president Nazmul Ahssan vented his disappointment over the security for the national team in New Zealand.

The team is scheduled to arrive in Dhaka Saturday night as the third test match with New Zealand was suspended after the deadly mosques shooting.   

Bangladesh always ensures the highest security whenever it hosts foreign cricket teams, Hasina said affirming that Bangladesh would continue to do that.

Bangladeshi cricket team narrowly avoided the attack after a wounded woman prevented them to enter the mosque, she said condemning the attack in New Zealand.   

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Bangladesh cricket team

“There is nothing more heinous than killing people while they perform prayers,” Hasina said calling the world leaders not to confine only in condemning the attack. She urged them to take up steps to eliminate militancy and terrorism forever.

“The militants and terrorists have no religion, country or nation. They’re just terrorists, and actions have to be taken against them considering them as terrorists.”

Bangladesh, with its hectic efforts, managed to save the country from militancy and terrorism. “Militancy and terrorism can never bring any good to anyone,” she said.