Bangladesh finds no evidence of Akayed’s militancy links at home
December 13th, 2017 at 5:53 pm
Bangladesh finds no evidence of Akayed’s militancy links at home

Dhaka – Bangladeshi police said they could not find link of Akayed Ullah, who allegedly attempted to carry out terrorist attack in New York subway earlier this week, to any local militant outfits.

Chief of Bangladesh’s counter terrorism unit of police Monirul Islam came up with the information at a news conference in Dhaka on Wednesday, two days after Ullah was taken into custody after the subway explosion.

“No evidence related to Akayed Ullah’s link to militancy could be found in Bangladesh,” said the counterterrorism official. He said the man might have been radicalised after he travelled to the United States.

“We are still looking into the persons who Ullah had been in touch with at home,” Monirul Islam added.

Police said law enforcement agencies have inquired every possible area after global media reports that Ullah allegedly attempted an attack in the subway at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York on Monday rush hour.

Four people, including Ullah, were injured in the incident. New York police found the homemade bomb was strapped to Ullah’s body. He was also charged with carrying out the attack

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio called it an attempted terrorist attack.

The counterterrorism officials in Bangladeshi said they would extent all possible assistance if the US authorities formally seek assistance for the investigation.

Police on Tuesday picked up Ullah’s wife, father-in-law and a few relatives from Dhaka’s Maneshwar Road area, where they have been living in a rented flat since 1997, for interrogation.

Hailed originally from Chittagong Ullah, who visited Bangladesh in September this year, got married in January last year. He stayed for nearly a month at Maneshwar Road home in June 2016, according to the land owner.