Bangladesh approves death sentences for drug offences
October 9th, 2018 at 2:43 pm
Bangladesh approves death sentences for drug offences

Dhaka – Bangladesh’s government has approved stringent provision of a law prescribing death penalty for drug offences, especially to deal with the menace of methamphetamine pills known as yaba.

The decision was approved on Monday at the weekly meeting of the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina who earlier had declared a war against drug.

More than 200 suspected drug dealers have been killed in shootouts since the security forces launched a nationwide anti-drug crackdown. Rights groups criticized the deaths terming the extra-judicial killings.

Monday’s approval of the amendments to the Narcotics Control Act of 1990 defined the methamphetamine pills as narcotics. The ‘yaba’ pills mainly smuggled into Bangladesh from Myanmar. The security forces in the past years confiscated millions of pieces of pills.

Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam told reporters that the draft of new Narcotics Control Act-2018 approved the provision of awarding capital punishment for carrying, taking, selling or smuggling over 5 grams of yaba.

Alam said a provision of 5-year or maximum 15 years imprisonment was kept in the law for carrying less than 5 gram yaba.

Alam said any drink containing 0.5 percent or more than alcohol will be considered as beer.

License will be needed to sell such kinds of drink. If any condition of the license is violated, Taka one lakh fine will have to submit by offender.

Provisions about ‘Shisha Bar’ and dope test have been incorporated in the new law, the official said.